We are the only Romanian manufacturer of oversized tanks of volumes up to 5000 mc, using the method of horizontal or vertical filament winding, the most used method worldwide as it provides the best mechanical resistance of the tanks which was scientifically proven.

The tanks are monolithic (one piece) which makes them highly resistant compared to the modular tanks.

Depending on their designation, anticorrosive chemical or food barriers can be executed on the inside to resist to the action of the stored corrosive liquid or to prevent the reaction with the stored edible liquids.

We produce underground and above ground tanks, horizontal and vertical, with or without support.

The tanks whose diameters are over 4 m are executed on site.

The above ground tanks can be outside insulated using polyurethane foam to avoid the freezing of the stored liquid in winter time.

They can be used to store corrosive liquids whose temperatures are up to 90 degrees.

The lifespan is of 30 – 40 years.

We manufacture tanks designed for the use in various business fields:

  • Tanks to store edible and non food liquids up to 5000 m3
  • Biogas tanks up to 2000 m3
  • Tanks for the collection of used waters for the treatment plants with volumes up to 5000 m3
  • Tanks for the collection of leachate
  • Tanks for oil products
  • Cereal silos
  • Tanks with heater

The delivery term for the tanks with a volume up to 100 m3 is of 3 days and maximum 25 days for the tanks whose capacities are up to 5000 m3.

We offer 2 years warranty for all products

Our clients

  • ductil steel buzau

  • ArcelorMittal galati

  • aaylex buzau

  • valrom industrie galati

  • omv petrom

  • metalic plas dej

  • gsls cccf instalatii bucuresti sa

  • sarme si cabluri

  • confind campina

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