Chemical baths

They are designed for the companies executing acid solutions pickling, they are made of anticorrosive materials resistant to high temperatures.

They can be executed at any gauge according to the company’s flow sheet. We executed the largest chemical bath having the sizes of: length: 18m, width: 2.5m.

Continuous flow pickling chemical baths

Can be equipped with:

  • Electronic systems to measure the temperature,  pH, density
  • Sound and visual warning systems for breakdowns

Static chemical baths

Can be equipped with:

  • Nozzle to homogenize the acid solution so that it can be used at capacity and ensuring appropriate pickling;
  • Nozzles with a dropping vessel to bring back to the bath the solution remaining on the part;
  • Acid outlet and acids recirculation inlet;
  • To empty the slurry resulted from the manufacturing process at the base of the bath we assemble a take over and emptying device;
  • The thickness of the applied laminate is of 15-18 mm, with 2 chemical barriers.

The main benefits of the P.A.F.S. chemical baths

  • No pollutants released into the atmosphere;
  • Made up of P.A.F.S;
  • Economic;
  • Easy to handle and transport;
  • Lifecycle of at 12 – 15 years depending on the operation;
  • Warranty: 3 years.

Our clients

  • ductil steel buzau

  • ArcelorMittal galati

  • aaylex buzau

  • valrom industrie galati

  • omv petrom

  • metalic plas dej

  • gsls cccf instalatii bucuresti sa

  • sarme si cabluri

  • confind campina

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