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Our work experience with storing various types of liquids allows us to provide a large range of offers and solutions , to satisfy the most diverse needs and requirements in the area of fiberglass.

The range of products we offer is diverse:

  • Fiberglass tanks, capacities up to 5000 m3
  • Wastewater treatment stations;
  • Septic tanks;
  • Wastewater treatment stations;
  • Scrubbers;
  • Industrial water coolers;
  • Modular buildings



Our clients

  • ductil steel buzau

  • ArcelorMittal galati

  • aaylex buzau

  • valrom industrie galati

  • omv petrom

  • metalic plas dej

  • gsls cccf instalatii bucuresti sa

  • sarme si cabluri

  • confind campina

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